Aug 11, 2008

Today was my last day of training before my competition. tomorrow is a rest day and Aug 13 I weigh in.

Sarah and my sister arrive in China tomorrow. The weather was great today. It was relatively cool and it felt amazing after the serious heat and humidity of the last 10 days. The Greco competition begins tomorrow for the light guys. I will go and watch for a little while to see how the referees are interpreting the rules – this seems to change from tournament to tournament. The way they call the clinch is really important because it will determine how much each guy can cheat [and thus not get launched]. I am also interested to see if they will award points for passivity. This hasn’t been done at a high level competition for a few years, however my opponent was awarded points for this at a tournament in Italy this summer. A referee can pretty much determine who wins a close match if they make this call.