Aug 13, 2008

I get to compete in the Olympics tomorrow which I think is pretty cool. You can probably find my draw online at

I haven’t looked so I don’t know who I compete against first. The fila website will also have all matches but you will need to pay $5 to watch for one day. CBC said they may televise my first match live in their prime time show on Aug 13 in Calgary. Apparently that is when their feature story about me will also run. They spent a lot of time getting footage so it will be interesting to see which parts they use.

I like getting comments on my blog. Thanks to all who wrote in. For a while it seemed like I was writing to myself.

I will be at Canada house having a beer with Sarah, Elana and Murray tomorrow night. I can already taste it – seems like forever since I got to have a few drinks. I may have a bit too much in order to compensate for past abstinence. Spectating on Aug 15 may not be that fun but I will try. Perhaps the beer stands on every corner will help.