July 17, 2008

Time fly's when you are having fun.

I really do mean to write a post every day but it doesn’t seem to happen. The last few days have been filled with physio for my shoulder and cross training. My shoulder is getting better quickly now. My range of motion is almost full and strength at many angles is close to 80%. Today I did 58 pushups in a row and 50 of slavi’s situp exercise. I also did the equivalent of 3 matches on the bike. There was much sweat in my world today. Tomorrow I get to do some work on the mat but Slavi will keep a close eye out to make sure I don’t do too much. he is quite concerned about how often I seem to get hurt since we are only 26 days away from competition. Any new injury could be a big problem. I don’t have much else to report. the life of a full time athlete being sort of monotonous – we eat and train and then rest and eat again so we can train again. We get the odd day off which is used to rest more so we can train more the next day.