July 30, 2008

Below is a link to an interview of me on CBC radio a few days ago.

interview of ari taub on cbc radio on july 29, 2008Today I was on the mat with beamer. beamer and Nico and several other guys at the dinos club have been my training partners in Calgary for the last several years. I would never be in the position I am today if it wasn’t for their help. thanks guys.

Today we did a pummeling match and I felt pretty good. we also worked on ground defense – specifically defense of a lift. this is important. I lost to France and Hungary on this move at competitions this summer. I don’t want to get scored on with this move in China. My shoulder is getting better but it still hurts when I try and do any of my offensive moves.

Tomorrow morning I fly to china. hard to believe we are finally here. I am pretty excited to get on that plane.

CBC tv interviewed me again today for a feature they will be showing on their Olympic coverage. they got lots of shots with Sarah and the kids. I bet the kids will be pretty excited to see themselves on tv.