July 5, 2008

I go to Colorado tomorrow.

My shoulder is still quite sore. I partially tore my lat and triceps. I can’t do anything useful on the mat now because it hurts too much. I will spend next week in physio and cross training. Hopefully I will then be ready for some technical work on the mat. This injury has messed up my training plan. July was supposed to be filled with intense wrestling which is the final preparation phase before my taper in august. I don’t know if I will be able to wrestle hard even once before I go to China. On a positive note, I won’t be over trained when I compete in China.

I did 45 pushups in a row last night – a new record. my pec continues to get stronger.

Sportsmen spent a few hours with me today asking about the journey. They will show something between July 30 and august 8. on tv. It will also be on their website.

I met with some of my sponsors last week. It was great to find out how interested they are in helping me. Thanks guys.