June 4, 2008

Today I did weights in the morning and had the afternoon off.

The strength in my left arm is coming back. I can almost flex my left pec properly now. My heart rate has been huge for the last few days which means I need to be careful or I may get sick. I haven’t slept much the last few nights since we got to Frankfurt as it is really hot in my room and there is no air conditioning. My allergies are acting up as well so my nose has been totally stuffed at night. I ran out of my allergy medicine and tried to get more from a pharmacy here yesterday. My sign language wasn’t quite good enough because the medicine I got worked to stop a running nose, not a stuffed up nose. Today one of the German wrestlers took me back and we got something else which works better. It just happens to be the same stuff Murray had with him in Italy. He offered it to me and for some reason I never got around to taking it from him. Big mistake.

Yesterday I wrestled in the evening. We did technique then standing wrestling and then ground wrestling. I have been having a hard time breathing lately. I think my allergies have been making it hard to catch my breath during hard exercise. Hopefully my new medicine will solve this problem as well.

The food has been interesting here. Breakfast is great – they make me fried eggs. Lunch is usually mystery meat which is ok. However, it seems that they don’t cook dinner so today I got lunch over again. One of the other days I got salami, cheese and bread.