June 9, 2008

Today we travelled from Frankfurt [oder] to hennef which is a city close to koln.

The drive was 615 km and took about 8 hours because we were stuck in traffic a lot. It was fun to go 160 – 180 km/hr when there wasn’t much traffic. Hennef is a small town and we are staying at a sport school. The facilities are great here. My room is really nice by European standards and the training facilities and food are great.  It was hot today but it has cooled off at night so I will sleep better. My allergies are much better here as well. It probably helps that my window doesn’t face a bunch of trees shedding fluff. the wrestling room here is even hotter than in frankfurt [oder] as the ceiling is low. This means less airspace which means the place heats up faster. We had to keep going to different places on the mat because each area we worked in would getso wet with sweat that we were slipping and sliding everywhere. Murray comes back on Thursday which is great because I continue to collect war wounds every day he is away.