One or Ari’s many therapy interventions is known as Kinesiotape.

This special type of tape can be applied and left on the skin for 3-5 days. Unlike regular athletic tape, this tape stretches with the body during all ranges of motion and is easily recognized by the distinctive, blue and pink colors.

Building in reputation in the sporting world, Kinesiotape is now being seen on athletes in the Tour-de-France, Volleyball, baseball, football, Bobsleigh and of course wrestling. The tape acts to help Ari’s nervous system maintain awareness of the area through a system called proprioception. Every time Ari moves, the tape stretches or contracts on the skin and this causes the nervous system to become aware of the area around the tape. This is an excellent way to maintain a therapeutic intervention while still doing his sport, something that until now has been very difficult to do.

Keep a look out for the pink and blue tape in many of Ari’s pictures