May 29, 2008 continued

The French team is going to train in Cuba on Sunday so I will probably go to Germany on Sunday.

I will be going to Frankfurt. There are 2 cities named Frankfurt in Germany. The one I am going to is in East Germany right on the polish boarder and is only a small town. In years past it was the place where the east German army teams trained. I haven’t yet decided whether we will travel by train or plane. Being a travel agent is more complicated than I thought. The internet sites for trains won’t let me book my tickets because i will travel in less than 5 days [why this is important i don’t know]. Plane tickets are also a pain because the websites sometimes don’t tell me if i can take extra baggage on the flight. It would be sad to get to the airport and find that I must throw away half of my stuff [there is a 20 kg limit for baggage on Intereuropean flights. Some airlines charge for extra baggage. The one that fits my schedule best doesn’t appear to allow more than 20 kg.]