Rest Day

Sunday is a rest day in most normal training programs for wrestlers worldwide.

Today is Sunday and it was good to sleep in. We have done some hard training this past week and my body is a little sore. The rest day will allow my body to heal a bit before another hard week of training.

The weather has been hot and our dorm rooms do not have air conditioning so we haven’t been sleeping as well as we do at home. It also doesn’t help that the beds are made for midgets. My feet hang off the end of the bed and it is so narrow that I need to be careful not to fall off when I roll over at night. I normally sleep on my side with one arm stretched out to the side. Because the bed is narrow, my arm hangs off the bed and I often wake up with a pain by my elbow and it isn’t until I fully wake up that I remember it is because the arm is lying hyperextended off the side of the bed while I sleep.

The food at the training center here in Rome is good cafeteria grub. However, it is far from great Italian cooking. Last night Murray and I went out to a small restaurant a few block from the training center. We had one of the best meals I have had in my life – 2 different types of pasta, 2 different types of steak and some great dessert. The owner / chef took a liking to us and made sure we were stuffed before leaving.

Today is my daughters’ birthday [they are 7] as well as my dad’s birthday [not quite 100].