Randy Couture Retires

UFC 129 ushered a new era into MMA History — Randy Couture retires after being defeated by Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida with a Crane Kick a la Mr. Myagi of all things.

Couture brought his ‘A’ Game and signature class to every match he ever participated in, and it has been a pleasure to watch him compete and elevate the sport of MMA.

Not to beat a dead horse, but Couture’s success in the MMA game comes down to wrestling which leads to Cage Dominance.

During the video Couture talks about his various fights and in particular one with Tito Ortiz. “It boiled down to wrestling.” Couture said. “There was no way Tito was going to out-wrestle me in that fight … There was no way he was taking me down. And the guy who could achieve that takedown and establish that dominant position was going to win the fight.”

Congratulations on a great career!