Aug 7, 2008

Written by Ari Taub

August 7, 2008

Weather continues to be hot and very humid. training was really good today.

I wrestled full out with Egypt in the standing position and with him on top of me. My shoulder felt really good. The only thing I am not doing yet is my gut wrench. I did some with a dummy today and it didn’t hurt so maybe I will try some on a real person on Saturday. Tomorrow I will do a short workout in the gym in the morning. Opening ceremonies are tomorrow night.

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9 years ago

Hi Ari,
Missed saying good luck to you before you left. Hope you feel good and compete very well. Saw you on the interview during the opening. Congrats again on realizing your dream of being an Olympian. Will be watching closely in hope CBC gives us a look when you wrestle.