JUNE 29, 2008

Written by Ari Taub

June 30, 2008

It has been nice to be home for a few days. sarah and my girls are in montreal this weekend for my cousin’s wedding. i have the boys at home. we went to the farmer’s market in the morning and we are going swimming this afternoon.  next week will be busy as i have to do some work at my office as well as train.  i also have several interviews booked this week since it is really the last time i will be home for more than a few days before going to china. my shoulder is feeling better. i have been doing rehab exercises several times per day and have been treated by murray a few times since getting home. i am optimistic that it will be good enough to go to colorado next week for my next training camp. i have been thinking about what has happened over the last several months and it has been quite interesting. it seems like my life these days is all about overcoming obstacles. here is a list: dealing with work while training full time in europe; being away from my family; organizing training camps, being my own travel agent and generally coordinating the logistics of roaming the world to train and compete; training at a high level at my advanced age – i don’t recover quite as fast as the younger guys and i get hurt a liitle more often. in december it was my neck and now my right shoulder;

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9 years ago

Where's your singlet? and I love the picture of Slavi

Josip Mrkoci
Josip Mrkoci
9 years ago

Canadian Olympian – Greco-Roman Wrestling

Dear Ari,
I get to read about your Olympic Journey and thought that I would do something for that JOURNEY.
Attached is a LINK to SplitDraw – one minute Tribute to your Olympic Journey, I had it done as I thought
that in a small way to express my thanks for your outstanding contribution to the GRECO-ROMAN
WRESTLING in Canada and the Commonwealth.


It is not much but I and a lot of other CAWA members appriciate your stedfast belief in yourself and
the sport of GRECO-ROMAN WRESTLING. I remain,

Yours in Wrestling,

CAWA Vice-President Administration & Marketing
Chairman- Executive Committee