May 29, 2008 continued

Written by Ari Taub

May 29, 2008

The French team is going to train in Cuba on Sunday so I will probably go to Germany on Sunday.

I will be going to Frankfurt. There are 2 cities named Frankfurt in Germany. The one I am going to is in East Germany right on the polish boarder and is only a small town. In years past it was the place where the east German army teams trained. I haven’t yet decided whether we will travel by train or plane. Being a travel agent is more complicated than I thought. The internet sites for trains won’t let me book my tickets because i will travel in less than 5 days [why this is important i don’t know]. Plane tickets are also a pain because the websites sometimes don’t tell me if i can take extra baggage on the flight. It would be sad to get to the airport and find that I must throw away half of my stuff [there is a 20 kg limit for baggage on Intereuropean flights. Some airlines charge for extra baggage. The one that fits my schedule best doesn’t appear to allow more than 20 kg.]

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9 years ago

Hey guy,
Hope things are going well. I'm with you on the whole travel agent thing. It is one of the biggest pain in the ass things in running this sport. Hope you're getting good training and staying healthy. Just spoke to Nadine a few minutes ago and she reminded me about the blog. Kinda cool.
Catch ya later man